How do you detect game and financial fraud?

A dedicated and ever-vigilant investigations team is trained in using sophisticated detection tools to the optimum so that you are guaranteed a clean, safe gaming environment. Our independent investigations team has been watching over our integrity and fairness since our inception. They monitor: Collusion: Collusion happens between two or more players. It can be defined as a strategy intended to achieve an undue advantage over the other players at the table. We have developed a Collusion Prevention System to detect such players and ban them from the site. The sophisticated system is developed on a high-level technological platform and works based on a combined set of algorithms, permutations and combinations. We have further modified all systems to filter the players who collude and identify them so that appropriate action can be taken against them. Cash out verification: Our commitment to providing a secure environment necessitates the monitoring of funds, both into and out of the system. One of the functions of the investigations team is to verify cash outs for their subsequent processing. The basic criterion is to ascertain if the winnings being cashed out are legitimate. BetMGM Casino and BetMGM Poker employ a unique combination of advanced system approvals as well as meticulous and skilled manual verification processes to minimize the fraud percentage. This resembles a post facto investigation and allows an in-depth verification into the various aspects of game play, financial details, etc. Security message for associated users: When you are trying to sit at a table, you may, on occasion, see a message indicating that you are associated with a user already seated at the table. This happens when our system detects a close association between your account and another account at the table. This association is based on a number of parameters, and a system is in place to prevent any possible collusion by two people very well known to each other. This is a standard security restriction that applies to all of our players. We are not targeting your account in particular.