I'm having a geolocation issue…

If you are not physically located in a legal state you can access your account, but you cannot play games or place bets. If you’re in a legal state but near the state border, the ocean or in a remote area and there are not enough Wi-Fi signals or cell towers to verify your location, then you may not be able to play games or place bets.

Try these troubleshooting steps if you are in a legal state and having problems being geolocated:

  • If you are attempting to access our website from your desktop, run the GeoComply software plug-in when you are prompted to download it
  • If you are attempting to access our software from a Mac desktop, you may need to open your settings, open Player Location Check, and repeat the check function a few times before logging in
  • Make sure you can detect Wi-Fi signals. There is no need to be connected to a wireless network, however, the Wi-Fi needs to be turned ON. If your desktop PC is an older model and cannot connect wirelessly to the Internet or detect other nearby signals, a Wi-Fi USB adapter might be helpful
  • Some software programs installed on your PC or Mac will conflict with the geolocation process. Virtual Private Network (VPN), Virtual Network Client (VNC) or Remote Desktop software will cause the geolocation checks to fail. Please ensure these programs are not running when you try to play: Log Me In, TigerVNC, Team Viewer, Apple VNC (Mac), GoToMeeting, Apple Remote Mgmt (Mac), and Splashtop
  • If you are playing from a remote location or near the ocean, there may not be enough Wi-Fi signals to properly confirm your location, so you may not be able to play
  • If you are playing near a state border, your location will be checked more frequently to verify that you are still in a legal state
  • If you have a new router or device, it can take a few days for that device to be recognized
  • Your Internet Service Provider may be assigning you an IP address that is outside of a legal state. If so, please contact your provider to change it to the legal state