What is minimum and maximum buy-ins?

In Limit Poker, the minimum buy-in is equal to 10-times the big blind. There is no maximum buy-in. For example, in a $5/10-limit game, the big blind value is $5, so the minimum buy-in is equivalent to 10 x $5, or $50.

Pot-limit (PL) and no-limit (NL) games at BetMGM Poker both have a minimum and a maximum buy-in. The maximum amount a player may bring to the table in an NL/PL game corresponds to the name of the game. For example, in a $100 NL game, the maximum buy-in would be $100. The minimum amount a player can bring to the table is 20% of the maximum, meaning that in a $100 NL game, the minimum buy-in would be $20.