Mobile Multi-table

What’s New?

Mobile multi-tabling is an exciting new way to play more than one table at a time from your smartphone or tablet:

  • Play up to four poker games at a time
  • Mix cash games and tourneys
  • New mini table view with quick fold Customizable bet slider

How does it work?

First off just open the BetMGM Poker app, head to the lobby and start registering to tourneys or cash games as usual.

To open a second game you have two options. If you’re playing a cash game and you want to add a similar table, just tap the “+” sign in the mini table view and the table will automatically load – you just to select your seat and buy-in.

If you want to play something different, simply go back to the lobby and select the game of your choice. If you return to the main menu you’ll still receive alerts when the action is on you, so you won’t miss a hand.

As soon as your second game begins the mini table view on the left-hand side will be updated. To head back to the main menu at any time just tap the return arrow in the top left.

Mini table view

The mini table view contains all the key information you need at a glance for each tourney and cash game you’re in. You’ll be able to see all of your hole cards at once alongside the number of players, timer, status and the position of the currently active player which is indicated by an orange dot. White dots show a player’s still in the hand whilst grey dots indicate those who have folded. The active table at any given time is highlighted in the mini table view by an orange bar. When a table begins to turn orange it means it’s your turn to act, and the more it fills up the closer you are to running out of time. You’ll also notice different sounds for active and non-active tables.

Swipe to fold

Swipe right on any hand in the mini table sidebar to reveal the ‘Fold’ button, then tap it to muck your hand. This lets you quickly fold your weaker hands at other tables without leaving the main (active) table. 

Customizable bet slider

To help you bet accurately and quickly we’ve included 3 different ways to size your bets:

  • Bet slider – drag the bet slider right to increase the bet size or left to decrease it
  • +/- buttons – hit the + button to gradually increase the bet size or the – button to reduce it
  • Custom buttons – three buttons based on pot size which can be customized to your liking

Swipe or tap between tables

There are two ways to navigate between tables. To make a table active simply tap on the mini table you want to focus on. Alternatively you can swipe up and down to go through all of your tables, which are stacked vertically for a smooth transition.

Add similar

Got a particular type of game you love? Our intuitive app lets you add a similar table in one tap! Hit the + symbol in the bottom left to add a new game similar to those you’re already playing. Once the new table is added, you’ll need to tap ‘Accept’ to take your seat.

Seat selection

Hand-pick your seat at cash games and the app will automatically rotate the table to display your seat in the lower center of the screen, close to the action buttons. 


Whenever the action is on you at a table you’ll receive an alert, whether the table is active or not. Even if you’re in the lobby you’ll receive an alert, so you won’t miss a hand again!

Back to table

To make sure you can always get back to the action quickly we’ve included a ‘back to table’ button that is always accessible in every lobby screen. This lets you browse other tourneys and cash tables and hop back to your seat with one quick tap.

Pre-selected actions

Hit one of the pre-select buttons then move to another table and you’ll automatically act when the action gets to you. ‘Fold’ or ‘Check’ your more straightforward hands in advance leaving you time to focus on your other tables.

How to sit out

To sit out tap on the top-right options icon and select ‘Sit out’. There are two options to sit back at a table:Tap the blue ‘I’m back’ button in the bottom left of the screen, Tap the ‘Sit in’ icon on the right-hand side

How to leave table

To leave a table tap on the top-right options icon and select ‘Leave’. You will then be asked to confirm you want to leave the table. Tap ‘Yes’ to leave or tap ‘No’ to play on.