Lucky Bill


This Match 3 game is set in the old west, where you capture villains and collect their bounties as real cash prizes!

The game features a mighty fine special bonus for cash prizes and good old free game rounds.

All wins are multiples of the bet

The theoretical payout of the game (RTP) is 95.35%.

Saloon Shootout Bonus

This bonus is triggered by blasting a cluster of bonus tiles.

During the bonus round you can win a prize equal to the multiplier of the villain that appeared in the game in which the bonus was triggered. Additionally, this bonus awards Free Games.

Free Games

Free Games are played with high paying tiles (x0.5, x1, x2, x5x10, x20). There are no Bonus tiles or Mega Bounty tiles during Free Games

The Saloon Shootout and Free Game rounds are played at the same bet amount as the game that triggered them.

Mega Bounty Win

Blasting a cluster of Mega Bounty tiles grants a grand prize of x1000.

Disconnection policy

Due to the game's communication medium nature, the player may experience interruptions, delays, or a termination of gameplay. In the event of an unexpected interruption or termination of a real play game, the game will recover to the last known state. Should a disconnection occur after a bet has been placed, but before the current game is complete, in your next game session you will be prompted to start the game you played before the interruption.

Any malfunction in the game voids all payouts and play.

Last modification date: 3/15/2023