Lucky 8 Keno

How to Play

First select the amount that you would like to stake using the up and down buttons on the stake window in the console.

Next, select the numbers that you want either directly on the game board or by using the Lucky Dip option (see Buttons section below).

You can select anywhere from 2 to 10 different numbers per game round. When ready to play, click “PLAY”. 20 numbers are randomly drawn.

The more numbers drawn that match the numbers that you selected, the higher your win (see Paytable section below). All wins pay as a multiplier of the currently selected stake.

The final number drawn on every game round is the Lucky 8 number and if this number matches a number that you have selected, then any win that you may have is multiplied by 8.

Auto Play

Auto Play is a feature that allow to play the game automatically for a given number of games at the current stake.

To enable Auto Play, you must open Auto Play menu in the game setting and select the desired configurations. Once enable, the Auto Play button will appear above the Play button.

Click/Press on the Auto Play button to start the Auto Play. The Play button will become the Stop button.

Auto Play plays the specified number of games until the Stop button is pressed or the balance is insufficient to start a new game.


  • Stake + : Increase Stake
  • Stake - : Decrease Stake
  • Lucky Dip : Generate a Lucky Dip selection of numbers
  • Lucky Dip - : Decrease the number of Lucky Dip selections to make
  • Lucky Dip + : Increase the number of Lucky Dip selections to make
  • Clear last : Clear the last number selected
  • Clear all : Clear all numbers currently selected
  • Speed toggle : Toggle play speed between slow/normal/fast
  • Play : Start a new game round at the current stake
  • Previous Bets : Cycle through previously bet on selections of numbers using the up and down arrow buttons 


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4  5  6

7  8  9

The theoretical average return to player (RTP) is between 91.85% and 92.15% depending on how many numbers are selected. This RTP represents the long-term expected payback of the game which has been calculated by an independent testing company. 

Malfunction Voids all Pays & Plays.

Last modification date: 3/1/2022