Monopoly Slingo

You have 7 or 8 rolls to land on properties and eliminate them from the Slingo grid. 

Landing on a property marks off all the cards of the same colour in the grid. 

Completing Slingos to move up the win ladder. 

Rolling a double awards a free roll. 

Collecting all properties in a set applies a multiplier to all prizes on the win ladder. 

The grid is randomly populated by 25 of the 26 property cards. 

The 26th is dealt as the bonus property, landing on this awards an instant cash prize. 

Landing on a JOKER randomly selects one card from each property set. 

These are then shuffled with the player moving to the property picked. 

Landing on a CHANCE or COMMUNITY CHEST deals a random card from the CHANCE or COMMUNITY CHEST decks. 

You can be awarded a cash prize, a Get Out Of Jail Free card or be moved around the board including JAIL. 

Pass GO! to add cash to the FREE PARKING. 

Land on FREE PARKING to collect the accumulated cash. 

Landing On GO TO JAIL, sends the player to JAIL. 

Roll a double to escape or you'll be released on the third attempt. 

No free rolls are added whilst in JAIL. 

Get Out Of Jail Free cards are automatically used. 

Extra rolls are available at the end of the game. 

The price for the extra roll is shown on the button 

No Free Rolls are added for doubles in Extra Rolls. 

Press COLLECT to end the game.

Choose a Profile

Select one of four games for more rolls or bigger wins. 

Higher volatility options have more extra rolls available and are more likely to have higher prices.

Win Lines

This game has an RTP of 95.3% 

Each extra roll has an RTP of 95% 

Prices are rounded up to the nearest whole value. 

No free rolls are awarded in Extra Rolls. 

Malfunctions voids pays and plays.

Pending Games

Incomplete Games Will Be Automatically Completed 48 Hours After Launch. 

Any Remaining Spins Will Be Played Out With A Random Number Generator Used To Many Any Player Decisions. 

Any Winnings Will Be Automatically Credited.


Last modification date: 10/22/2019