All About the Wilds

All About the Wilds Game Help

Strong and handsome, these giants have landed to conquer the hearts!

With their big feet and strong arms, they will immerse you in their magical world with 5 different wild play modes to provide maximum entertainment.

A true artistic delight and great fun for all players.

General Information

There are 20 win lines in All About the Wilds.

All awards pay for any adjacent left to right winning combination beginning with the leftmost reel. 

General Information Table

Game Type Video Slot
Number of Paylines 20 lines
Number of Reels and Rows 5x4
The Best Strategy Return to Player 95.21%
Feature Spin™ RTP 6 free spins 95.15%
Feature Spin™ RTP 10 free spins 95.13%
Feature Spin™ RTP 12 free spins 95.15%
Feature Spin™ RTP 15 free spins 95.15%
Buy Feature RTP 6 free spins 95.13%
Buy Feature RTP 10 free spins 95.13%
Buy Feature RTP 12 free spins 95.13%
Buy Feature RTP 15 free spins 95.13%

Game Features

Free Spins

When the mini reels spell S-P-I-N-S, then 15 Free Spins with all wild symbols active are awarded.

On losing spins there is a 50/50 chance that the mini reel holds over to the next spin in the base game.

The result of the mini reel is saved for the particular stake.

No Free Spin scatters available during Free Spins feature.

Free spins cannot be re-triggered.

If no selection is made, the Free Spins feature pop-up will time out and start the Free Spins feature.

Wild feature

Only one wild symbol is active during a base game spin. The active wild is chosen by the game once the Spin button is clicked to commence a spin.

The active wild is displayed on the screen.

When a wild symbol is in view the wild symbol completes the action of that wild, then wins are paid and the spin ends. The Active Wild can hold over to the game round. The result of the active wild is saved for the particular stake.

Destructive wilds: when a destructive wild symbol lands in view it spreads to either the left or right replacing symbols with wild symbols.

Tall wilds: tall wilds are wild symbols that are stacked 4 symbols high.

Giant wilds: wild symbols that are 4 symbols high and 2 symbols wide.

Magic wilds: when a Magic wild lands in view, three PICKME appear and the player is given the choice of selecting one of three boxes. There are royal symbols behind the boxes. After revealing the royal symbol, the same royal symbols on the reels are converted into wild symbols.

If no selection is made, a box will be randomly opened and the corresponding action will occur.

Jumping wilds: when a jumping wild symbol lands in view it moves around the reels converting other symbols into wild symbols.

Win Boost

The Win boost feature has 12 different sections. The Win boost feature is activated when a base game win occurs of x10 stake or above. When activated, the Start button is pressed. Once the Win boost feature stops spinning it will land on either a multiplier or a number of Free Spins. If a multiplier is landed on, the player is awarded their original win multiplied by the multiplier amount. If the Free Spins are landed on, the player is given the choice of that amount of Free Spins or to collect the winnings that triggered the win boost feature. If no selection is made, then the best strategy decision will be made and collected.

The best strategy is to take Free Spins when the win amount triggering the win boost feature is less than:

x10.8 stake when offered 6 Free Spins

x18.0 stake when offered 10 Free Spins

x21.6 stake when offered 12 Free Spins

x27.0 stake when offered 15 Free Spins

Choosing the Best Strategy does not guarantee that it will award a higher return.

Buy Feature

Additional way to trigger 6, 10, 12, 15 Free Spins.

Feature Spin™

Additional way to trigger 6, 10, 12, 15 Free Spins.

During the Feature Spin™ pre-game there is only one mode of play.

Each game uses only active and inactive Free Spins symbols on the reels.

They are played using a single win line with the following awards:

Select the number of the Free Spins and match 3 Free Spins symbols on the reels to win Free Spins feature.


Choose a colour or suit to play the gamble feature. 

A card is dealt. Each card is drawn from a new 52 card deck. The gamble amount is doubled if the correct colour is chosen or quadrupled if the correct suit is chosen. If incorrect, the gamble is lost. 

Press Collect button to exit the gamble feature. 

You can gamble up to 5 times or until the take win amount is greater than $250,000.00.

No more than $250,000.00 can be won from the gamble feature.

The gamble feature is not available when the game winnings are greater than $125,000.00.

The gamble feature will return an average payout of 100%. Please note that this does not mean that every play or series of plays will return this percentage. 

The Gamble enables/disables in the settings by the Gamble toggle.

If no selection is made, the Gamble will time out and collect any winnings.

Bet Chance

Once a player’s credit becomes less than the last spin stake amount the bet chance is activated. 

The dial becomes active. 

The odds of a successful bet chance are represented by the green segment. Landing on the green is a successful bet chance, red is a losing bet chance. 

On pressing SPIN the pointer will spin. If landing on the green, a spin of the reels is awarded at the same stake level that was used prior to bet chance activation.

If red is landed, then credit is taken. 

When pressing cancel button the screen changes from the bet chance to the game, without any deduction from the remaining balance. 

The Bet chance disables/enables in the settings by the Bet chance toggle.

Playing the Game


To play a round, configure your bet using the + / - buttons. 

Spin Options

Click the Spin button or press the Spacebar to spin.

The Spacebar disables/enables in the settings by the Spacebar to spin toggle.

To play rounds faster, the player can use the Turbo option. 

Turbo – the reels spin and stop faster with no extra animation. 

Turbo can be activated by holding the Spacebar or turning it on from the Burger Menu. 

Payouts Rules

Winning combinations are paid beginning with the leftmost reel to the rightmost reel. 

Winning combinations and payouts are calculated according to the game’s “Paytable”, which can be accessed through the Settings button. 

All awards pay on active win lines only. 

The highest win only paid per active win line.  

Malfunction voids all pays. 

Wilds symbols substitute for all wins. 

4 or less Wild symbols must combine with another symbol on a win line to create a winning combination.

All open sessions, which are not concluded by the player, plus any future transactions for those sessions, will be terminated after 90 days maximum and a minimum of 7 days depending on residence of the player.

Please be aware that each account allows only a single game to be played at any one time. Therefore, a game should not be played on more than one device, or multiple games on the same device simultaneously. Doing so may lead to various errors.

For the best gaming experience, use of the latest version of software is recommended.

Payout rules in Features

Free Spins are played at the same bet amount as the round that activated the Free Spins. 

Free Spins wins are added to line wins. 


Enables playing the game automatically for a predetermined number of rounds at the currently selected stake. Autoplay menu is accessible through the Auto button. Select the number of Autoplay rounds via the Auto button.

Autoplay Limits

Loss limit – the Autoplay will stop at the last spin before the Loss Limit is reached. The Autoplay loss limit should be higher than your total stake.  

Stop on win above – the Autoplay function will stop when the win amount of combined winnings is reached the set amount limit.

Stop on Bonus feature – the Autoplay function will stop when the game reaches any feature round, including but not limited to: Wild feature, Free Spins and Win Boost.

When the limit’s conditions are met the Autoplay will stop, and the relevant pop-up message will appear in the middle of the screen. 

Last modification date: 9/7/2023